Testnet is a non-production Ercoin network with coins that are not supposed to posess any value. It operates on a different blockchain than the production one.

To obtain testnet coins, ask for them on the IRC channel or on the Telegram group. Currently there is no automated faucet system.

Testnet, just as a production network, may have many nodes. For convenience, one of them is maintained at https://testnet-node.ercoin.tech (use port 26656 for P2P).

How to play without running a node

  1. Open the browser wallet.
  2. Change RPC endpoint to https://testnet-node.ercoin.tech
  3. Add an account.
  4. Copy the created address and ask someone to create an account and send coins to this address.

How to run a node locally and connect to testnet

Assuming that $ERCOIN_HOME points to a desired location of Ercoin data, prepare a node like it was a development installation, initializing the chain with the following command:

make init GENESIS_URL=https://testnet.ercoin.tech/genesis.json GENESIS_SHA256=9f61c26a080f6cacc956a710f63859e9c952089c8dca0b710d6c52b3af5f680d

Then edit $ERCOIN_HOME/config/config.toml and add efeab810dc4dfdc0a6b895bcfceb16072c7f7b89@testnet-node.ercoin.tech:26656 to persistent_peers. It may be also worthwhile to set index_all_tags to true to make transaction search work.